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Home Addition Bay Area with Waves Remodeling
Launching a successful project begins with meticulous care, and when it comes to your personal home remodeling venture, finding a reliable team of professional builders is paramount. Look no further than Waves Remodeling.
Our team consists exclusively of highly professional and skilled builders committed to delivering outstanding results for your remodeling project, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness. Waves Remodeling brings a distinctive blend of luxurious, quality designs, coupled with a strong emphasis on affordability, and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.


Our History with Waves Remodeling

At Waves Remodeling, we proudly stand as a multi-award-winning building and design firm based in San Jose, catering to the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Our team comprises highly experienced and knowledgeable builders with decades of combined expertise in the fields of home remodeling and construction.

With a significant tenure in the industry, Waves Remodeling distinguishes itself by understanding the intricate requirements of delivering an exceptional job tailored to meet your needs and aspirations. While other contractors may excel at remodeling or renovating existing homes, our team at Waves Remodeling possesses the insight needed to go beyond, ensuring a fantastic result.

As licensed, bonded, and insured general contractors, we are eager to offer our signature services. Our commitment has garnered us accolades, including rave reviews, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a consistent 5-star rating across platforms like Yelp, Google, Houzz, and HomeAdvisor. Our satisfied customers attribute substantial increases in property value, enhanced quality of living, and increased happiness to our work on their recently remodeled and completed homes.


The Comprehensive Process with Waves Remodeling

Waves Remodeling stands out in delivering exceptional service, and a key factor that sets us apart is our distinctive process. In contrast to other contractors who may delegate aspects of planning, remodeling, or construction to external general contractors, Waves Remodeling takes full ownership of the entire process, ensuring continuity from inception to completion.

Our team members are actively engaged and hands-on at every stage of your project. Starting from the initial planning discussions to shape your precise vision for the remodel, utilizing innovative 3D technology that empowers you with creative control over every aspect, obtaining all necessary permits, and finally, overseeing the project to its completion, Waves Remodeling remains fully committed to your satisfaction.

Services Offered by Waves Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Waves Remodeling boasts a wealth of experience in handling diverse projects, ranging from home improvements to comprehensive home renovations. Our expertise is particularly renowned in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay area, where we excel in delivering top-notch kitchen remodeling services.

At Waves Remodeling, our team of innovative designers is dedicated to creating a kitchen space that reflects your culinary mastery. Beyond being a functional cooking space, we understand that your kitchen is a hub for family gatherings and unity. Therefore, our approach to kitchen remodeling at Waves Remodeling is centered on providing you with the kitchen you've always envisioned—precisely and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to this cherished space.

Complete Home Remodeling by Waves Remodeling

Waves Remodeling takes on the role of a remodeling project manager, overseeing comprehensive house transformations and providing remodeling services for projects that involve rebuilding from the ground up.

Embarking on a full home remodeling project can stem from various motivations—whether you've grown weary of your existing home or have decided to address long-standing issues. Whatever the reason, the Waves Remodeling team is fully committed to guiding you through the entire journey of your home improvements.

Our experienced home remodelers understand the challenges and demands of extensive home construction work, especially when trying to balance it with your daily routine. That's why our adept builders at Waves Remodeling maintain unwavering dedication to efficiency, delivering exceptional work and craftsmanship at an optimal pace on the construction site.

Room Additions by Waves Remodeling

Waves Remodeling's team of experienced builders goes beyond whole-house remodeling projects to adeptly handle any modifications or additions you may desire for your home and individual rooms.

Whether you're contemplating a floor addition, expanding an existing room to increase its square footage, removing obstructive walls to optimize the available space, incorporating new plumbing, adding a room to your house, or renovating specific areas like the basement, family room, or master bedroom to better align with your personal preferences, Waves Remodeling is your partner throughout the entire project.

At Waves Remodeling, no remodeling endeavor is considered too large or too small. Our primary objective is to cater to our customers in the best way possible. While other general contractors may focus on estimated costs, additional expenses, and total square footage, Waves Remodeling understands that the true foundation of any home lies with you and your family. Costs and pricing become irrelevant if we cannot contribute to your happiness; that is what truly matters to us.

Waves Remodeling's Three-Step Process

Design & Planning

The journey kicks off with your articulation of your vision, employing the innovative 3D design method mentioned earlier. Following that, our engineers handle the meticulous planning and acquire the necessary permits, utilizing your 3D design as the guiding blueprint for every subsequent step.

In this collaborative process, Waves Remodeling partners with you, making you an integral participant. This is your home remodeling project, and in many ways, you serve as a project manager. Our team of knowledgeable builders at Waves Remodeling strives to empower you with the freedom to envision the home of your dreams and provides the resources and expertise to transform that dream into reality.

Construction Phase

Once all essential permits are obtained, we embark on bringing your new project to life.

While the construction site is of paramount importance to us during this period — meticulously following the blueprints derived from your 3D design to ensure excellence in every aspect and element of the construction and remodeling process — our team at Waves Remodeling is equally dedicated to ensuring the well-being of you and your family throughout this transformative construction phase.

We recognize the inherent challenges of such a situation, disrupting your normal routines and everyday spaces. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with every conceivable comfort and accommodation throughout the construction and remodeling project. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities.

Completion and Restoration Process

Upon the successful completion of your remodeling project, Waves Remodeling takes extra care to ensure a smooth transition back to your everyday life. Our team meticulously restores every personal belonging that may have been moved or temporarily relocated during the renovation, returning them to their original places.

Recognizing the importance of minimizing disruption to your routine, we prioritize a thorough cleanup process. Our commitment is to leave your space in impeccable condition, free from any mess or inconvenience caused during the remodeling. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that you are delighted with the final result.

At Waves Remodeling, customer satisfaction is paramount, and our finish and restoration process is designed to make the transition from renovation to enjoying your enhanced space as seamless as possible.

Cost of Home Remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area

In the dynamic construction landscape of California, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, the expense of building a new house surpasses construction costs in other parts of the United States. The construction or building costs align closely with those of new home construction, making it a substantial investment.

For home additions in the San Francisco Bay Area, the average cost ranges from $470 to $750 per square foot. This includes any expansion of living space, such as a second floor, which can incur higher costs in the Golden State compared to other regions.


However, when it comes to bathroom remodeling, Waves Remodeling offers a distinct advantage. Unlike more extensive home remodeling projects requiring complex permits and potential changes to existing plumbing, bathroom renovations with Waves are notably more cost-efficient. The pricing for bathroom renovations typically falls between $15,000 and $50,000, presenting a significant difference from the higher costs associated with other additions. Waves Remodeling strives to provide cost-effective solutions, ensuring our clients receive exceptional value for their investment in bathroom remodeling projects.


Estimating Home Addition Costs with Waves Remodeling

Determining the cost of a home addition involves various factors, including the project's size, the number of rooms added, and the extent of construction required. For a precise estimate, it is advisable to engage a professional home builder, like Waves Remodeling, as we can accurately assess these factors.

If you plan to modify the existing structure, inform your builder, as it may result in additional expenses. At Waves Remodeling, we prioritize transparency and offer a free consultation before commencing any project. During this consultation, we evaluate the project's size and scope, providing you with an accurate estimate for your remodel. Our team is here to address any questions or concerns, ensuring a collaborative approach to creating a plan that aligns with your needs and budget.

Types of Room Additions with Waves Remodeling

Master Bedroom Expansion

At Waves Remodeling, we understand that your master suite is your personal haven—a place to retreat, unwind, and find comfort. If you feel that your current master bedroom lacks the space to fully indulge in moments of relaxation, we invite you to entrust Waves Remodeling to elevate your sanctuary. Whether through extension or remodeling, our expert builders will enhance the layout, providing additional square footage that transforms your bedroom into an even more inviting and tranquil space.

Family Room Expansion with Waves Remodeling

Similar to a kitchen remodel, adding a family room has the power to not only adjust but fundamentally enhance how you and your family interact. Spaces like the kitchen and family room are designed for gathering, but if poorly arranged or too small, they may discourage extended use.

Initiating a family room addition with our Waves Remodeling team can bring about a transformative impact, creating a more luxurious and inviting space. This transformation contributes to increased time spent together, fostering stronger bonds and lasting memories within your family.

Dining Room Expansion with Waves Remodeling

In terms of square footage, many of Waves Remodeling's dining room additions involve either expanding the current dining area or entirely replacing it with a larger, more luxurious space. If your current dining space is insufficient for the number of guests you typically host during dinner parties, a larger dining area could be the ideal solution.

Complete Bathroom Addition

As your family grows, the need for an additional bathroom becomes apparent. Adding a full bathroom is an excellent way to not only increase the value and square footage of your home but also enhance the overall functionality and comfort of your living space.

Sunroom Addition

If you recently purchased a home in Redwood City, CA, and feel that it's missing something, a sunroom addition from Waves Remodeling could be the answer – natural light! With a customized sunroom, you can bask in plenty of sunshine throughout the day without leaving the comfort of your home. This addition will bring a newfound sense of joy and energy to the space, along with an unparalleled level of beauty that makes it even more inviting.

Garage Transformation

The first floor of your Hillsborough home lacks sufficient space for your family activities. A fantastic solution to this issue is a garage conversion, adding more space for you and your family to enjoy. The team at Waves Remodeling can assist in transforming your garage into a beautiful and functional room – whether it's a home office, an extra bedroom, or even a living area. It's the perfect space, and the overall cost is more affordable than you might think.

Basement Makeover

Your San Mateo house has an unfinished basement, representing a wasted opportunity for valuable space. A basement conversion is an excellent way to utilize that area and turn it into something extraordinary. It's considered a substantial project as it involves air conditioning and plumbing work, but with the expertise of Waves Remodeling, you can achieve a stunning transformation without compromising quality. From an additional master bedroom with a master bathroom to a media room or even a game room, your basement can be tailored to become whatever you desire, adding more living space for everyone in the family.

Choosing Between Vertical and Horizontal Additions

Not every home can be horizontally expanded due to various building permits and zoning ordinances. If you're unsure about these details, don't worry – the team of wise builders and general contractors at Waves Remodeling is here to help. We'll thoroughly examine your home and provide you with information on every available option.

When horizontal expansion isn't feasible, vertical expansion becomes a viable option. On average, vertical additions (such as building onto a second story) often come with a higher cost due to the increased work and construction involved, especially when replacing the existing roof of the house is necessary.

Based on our experience at Waves Remodeling, we've found that one of the most cost-effective ways to pursue vertical additions is by transforming an attic into a remodeling project of its own. This approach not only saves you significant time and money but also preserves your existing roof, making better use of typically unused attic space.

Optimal Approaches for Home Additions in the San Francisco Bay Area

Prior to embarking on home building or expansions in the San Francisco Bay Area, thorough preparation is essential, and the approach varies for each individual. Some individuals prefer creating detailed lists, incorporating digital ideas and notes accompanied by images of completed projects. This serves as a valuable frame of reference for the Waves Remodeling team at the planning stage.

Understanding the Timeline for Home Additions

The timeline for home additions or the construction of entirely new rooms can typically span between five to eight months. This duration is contingent on factors such as your availability and the scheduling alignment with the Waves Remodeling team of contractors. Our commitment is to deliver quality results within a timeframe that aligns with your needs and expectations.

Strategic Planning with Designs and 3D Models

Initiating your first home build or addition process can be an intricate endeavor. To streamline this process, homeowners find immense value in utilizing 3D models and designs. These tools not only provide a comprehensive visual representation but also serve as a valuable reference point for additional consultations with contractors. These experts can offer essential insights into seamlessly integrating new additions into the existing home structure.

This meticulous planning phase aims to refine your vision for your home, identifying optimal changes to enhance functionality and aesthetics. The adept team of wise builders at Waves Remodeling is dedicated to guiding you through this process. Our 3D planning ensures precise communication of your vision, emphasizing the importance of your confidence in the initial vision to achieve the desired outcome for your home.

Tailored Home Addition Plans

At Waves Remodeling, we pride ourselves on swift responses to your initial inquiries within twenty-four hours, mirroring our commitment to project completion. Our goal is to make the home addition process swift, efficient, and seamless for you. With a dedicated and professional approach, we collaborate closely on your project to establish a precise and secure timetable. Our commitment is not only to deliver but to deliver on time. Recognizing the uniqueness of each project and vision for home additions, we meticulously map out a timetable that aligns with your plan, allowing our team the necessary time to infuse care, craftsmanship, and attention into creating the perfect additions for your home.

Transparent and Authentic Approach

At Waves Remodeling, transparency is at the core of our construction process. Our schedule is tailored to your project from day one, ensuring a clear and honest approach throughout the entire room construction project. We believe in open communication, providing an authentic experience for our clients. This commitment to transparency simplifies the resolution of any potential delays, making the construction process digestible for all involved. It is this dedication to openness and honesty that consistently positions Waves Remodeling as one of the top construction teams for home additions in the Bay Area.

Navigating Home Addition Costs

Just as visions, projects, and timetables vary based on unique details, the cost of building home additions can also differ significantly. The Waves Remodeling team is eager to meet with you to discuss the costs of potential home additions and explore suitable payment plans tailored to your needs.


Waves Remodeling's Complimentary Estimates and Beyond

At Waves Remodeling, we extend the courtesy of free estimates to assist you in finding the optimal price and plan that aligns with your budget. While we have evolved into a top-tier addition company for room addition projects in the California Bay Area, our roots remain grounded in the same small company ethos that began years ago with a singular mission: bringing happiness to people by transforming their homes.

This philosophy permeates our approach to home additions, including the aspect of cost. Waves Remodeling is committed to collaborating with you at every stage, ensuring that your dream project isn't a distant aspiration lingering on an imaginary horizon but an entirely tangible and accessible reality in the present moment.

Estimating the Cost of a Kitchen Addition

Kitchen additions may seem unconventional at first, but they're a popular choice among Bay Area homeowners seeking more space. If you feel your kitchen lacks room, our team at Waves Remodeling can create a bump-out or room addition, expanding your kitchen area.

The cost of kitchen remodeling varies based on factors such as size, scope, and materials. Typically, we provide an estimated range of $1,550 to $2,900 per square foot for a bump-out, including essential features like kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash.

Navigating the Complexity of Kitchens

Kitchens serve a dual purpose, acting as both a safe and efficient cooking space and a communal area. This complexity often leads clients to plan kitchen additions that extend the floor plan, creating an extra room between the kitchen and living areas.

While kitchen remodeling costs can be higher due to additional materials, our dedicated team at Waves Remodeling frequently handles kitchen additions in the Bay Area. We prioritize transparency and open communication about potential costs, ensuring you are well-informed throughout the process.

Home Additions Building Process with Waves Remodeling in Bay Area, CA

At Waves Remodeling, we collaborate with you to design customized plans and construction processes tailored to your unique home improvement vision. This approach allows us to fulfill your goals while adhering to a plan that keeps us on time, on budget, and aligned with your overall vision.

Our primary goal is to maintain a transparent planning and construction process, ensuring no surprises or unexpected costs for our customers. Your home, your vision—we are here to serve you and bring your dreams to life with Waves Remodeling.

Concluding Room Additions with Waves Remodeling

At Waves Remodeling, we believe in keeping our customers closely involved throughout the home addition journey. As a top-quality construction contractor specializing in additional rooms, we take pride in showcasing the progress of your project. Our goal is to ensure that you witness the dedication and precision that go into bringing your unique vision to life.

Upon completing construction, the Waves Remodeling team meticulously cleans the new spaces and your entire home, eliminating any dirt, dust, or excess materials brought in during the process. This meticulous cleaning ensures that your new additions are pristine and ready for their final presentation.

After a comprehensive inspection by our wise builders, we prioritize your satisfaction with the new additions. Before leaving the job site, our commitment to excellence drives us to guarantee that every aspect meets your expectations. If any element falls short of your vision, we promptly address and resolve any concerns, ensuring that the job is not just completed but exceeds your expectations.

Waves Remodeling's unwavering commitment to absolute customer satisfaction positions us as the premier home addition contractor in the Bay area.